Yerevan Research

The Sustainable School Feeding Program envisions a future where every elementary school student across the republic, including those in the capital’s schools, has access to healthy meals. Currently, the program’s reach extends primarily to regional schools, yet it concurrently establishes a robust groundwork for future expansion into the capital’s educational institutions.

The year 2022 marks a significant period of activity and development for this initiative. From the onset of the year, the School Feeding and Child Welfare (SFCW) Agency, in collaboration with its partners, has embarked on a comprehensive series of research and assessments. These efforts are aimed at evaluating the potential and current state of the capital’s school infrastructures, identifying the necessary actions, and estimating the investment required to bring the “School Feeding” program to Yerevan.

Through this investigative process, which includes market assessments, infrastructure research analysis, and both quantitative and qualitative surveys of beneficiaries, a detailed understanding of the landscape will be achieved. These findings will be discussed and refined during dedicated workshops, designed to shed light on the existing conditions, and identify the tangible challenges that may impede the project’s successful implementation in the capital.

The culmination of these efforts will see the SFCW Agency and its partners crafting an initial concept for a pilot “School Feeding” program specifically tailored for Yerevan. This pilot will serve as a critical stepping stone towards achieving the broader vision of ensuring that all students have the opportunity to benefit from healthy eating practices, thereby laying a solid foundation for the nationwide adoption of the Sustainable School Feeding Program.