Ashtarak School No. 4 to Provide Hot, Healthy Food for Children Going Forward

With the lovely presence of a beautiful long-haired dream-like maiden, a kind old man, a fox, and a wolf, the fragrance of nutritious, steaming dishes made their debut at Ashtarak Grigor Ghapantsyan Primary School No. 4. This school in Aragatsotn marz had never before cooked meals on-site or provided hot food. They lacked a canteen and a kitchen, settling instead for providing dry food to the students. However, in the previous academic year, they celebrated the implementation of the “Hot Meals” component of the “School Feeding” program. This program aims to prepare delicious, healthy, and balanced meals daily for approximately 300 students in grades 1-4 during the next academic year.

Thanks to the support of the Aragatsotn regional administration, the school managed to procure a kitchen and a canteen, renovating the space to meet rigorous kitchen standards. Additionally, the UN World Food Program, a partner of the “School Feeding” project, provided the necessary equipment for the kitchen. The “School Feeding and Children’s Welfare” institution of the “National Center for Education Development and Innovations” foundation aided the school in purchasing tables and chairs with the financial support of The Fund for  Armenian Relief’s AYO! Fund platform and the Focus on Children Now organization

That’s how, by gathering around it a real bunch of supporters, the canteen number four came to life, which opened its doors today and from now on will welcome and feed the youngest children of the school with delicious, healthy dishes every day.

After a delicious meal in the canteen, children and guests participated in the interactive performance “Travel to the Space of Healthy Food,” developed by the initiative of the “School Feeding and Child’s Welfare” Agency, learning healthy eating tricks with the heroes.